In English

I am a clinical psychologists and a life coach. I am a member of Association for Contextual Behavioral Science. I am also certified EMDR therapist making my way to practitioner level. I am also a doctorate candidate working toward my PhD dissertation.

The main areas of my professional interest are: depression, different kinds of anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, traumas and personal growth. The foremost aim of my work is to help clients to create a meaningful life. Additionally, I help to renew the natural balance by means of diet, exercise and proper sleep pattern. 

My work techniques are based mostly on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It is listed in American Psychology Association, Division 12 as an evidence-based therapy for chronic pain, depression, mixed anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and psychosis.
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My cabinet is placed in Warsaw, Poland, nevertheless I offer sessions via Skype as well. I have been practicing this way of work with clients form Scandinavia, Benelux, France and Australia. Basing on my experience I can clearly state that the efficiency of online therapy is very similar to the traditional one. 

If you need help with your depression, anxiety or OCD or you just simply want to make your life more meaningful – do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Write me at or skype me at asia.wrzesniowska when the green sign is on.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Firstly, Skype sessions save your time and money – you are not forced to go out for a visit and you can simply stay at home or your office – anywhere where you feel comfortable and save. 

Secondly, since during therapy bashful areas of your life are broached, it is obviously of great importance for you to keep the therapy only for yourself. Working via Skype allows you to keep the therapy process in secret, as you will never have to go in person to your therapist, where there is a possibility of meeting your acquaintances. 

Even if English is not your mother tongue do not be afraid to choose me as your therapist – since we both are not English native speakers I am sure that there will be no problems in understanding and our communication will be straight and easy. On the other hand, my English skills will enable me to work with you if it is your first language. 

Do not wait till things get even worse. Start to make your life meaningful NOW. Write me at or skype me at asia.wrzesniowska when the green sign is on.

The cost of 55 minutes session is 60 euro. Sessions are scheduled weekly. Payments should be made before session via PayPal or Bank transfer. Making payments on monthly basis will help you to save provision money. All clients receive a Polish invoice once a month.

In order to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please inform me at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Otherwise you will have to pay for omitted session. For clients who decide to make payments on monthly basis, in case of quitting our cooperation during the therapy, I will send money back for unattended sessions on the same day. 

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Joanna Wrześniowska